What Sets Studio47 Apart?

Experience, Professionalism & Expertise

When you hire an architect you are not just buying some ideas drawn on a few pieces of paper. You are buying experience, expertise & accountability. There are lawsCommercial and Residential Architects designed to protect lives and property. There are good materials and bad materials, right ways and wrong ways, deadlines and budgets. As licensed commercial and residential architects, Studio47 will bring expert knowledge of building codes, materials, contractors and building officials as a basic staple to your project. We deliver the attention needed to ensure your project is designed and built within the law, with durable materials, on time, on budget, and with the elegance and character that expresses you.


Project Delivery

There are many architects and all will proudly stand by their designs and boost that there is nothing better. Of course we are no different. But as residential and commercial architects you will learn what we’re about on other pages of this site, right now you are here to learn what sets us apart from them.

The traditional method of design and construction foster the very nightmares that afflict many projects. Known in the industry as design/bid/build, you and your architect spend weeks designing, and when ready several builders are invited to submit bids. After an arduous review a selection is made and construction begins.

The problem with this method is the absence of team communication until it’s almost too late. Moreover, if your architect and builder have never worked together then the essential trust and respect will need to be established on the fly, a formula for blown budgets, shoddy construction, delays and bickering.

Project Delivery MethodHere at Studio47 we have adopted a collaborative delivery process that focuses on team communication during design through construction. This establishes trust and respect and resolve most issues that plague projects well before construction begins. As residential and commercial architects, Studio47 has never worked with a builder that did not result in a relationship of trust and respect, providing us with the capability of making quality a recommendation. One that will best fit your needs. However, if you prefer that we work with someone that you have chosen, then we are happy to make new friends. But we will insist on an early introduction.